I write books!

One of them has been published so far and you'll get to see it on August 30th. It's called (insert heralding trumpets here):

Blood on the Moon

Blood on the Moon is about werewolves. Because werewolves are amazing and who doesn't want to read about werewolves? There's also love and murder and telekinetic abilities. And did I mention love? Because that's my favorite part.

If you want a much more sophisticated synopsis, click here. But don't read the part about book 2. I'm serious! You'll ruin things for yourself!

You can also purchase or review (I love reviews. But only if they're nice and/or constructive. It doesn't pay to be mean, people!) Blood on the Moon here.

I've also contributed to an anthology published by Running Press entitled (second round of heralding trumpets): Truth & Dare


I like the part where the cute guy is kissing the broody girl.

(If I was this girl, would not look so sullen. He's cute!)

Truth & Dare is a collection of short stories about high school and all it's dorkiness and disasters. Luckily for me, I had a LOT of experience in this and knew exactly what to write about!

Again, for a fancy synopsis check this out.